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Corrections & Clarifications

September 1, 2017
Pierce County Tribune

Corrections & Clarifications

Correction on last week's drought story:

Early weaning on calves is more related to the overall effects of drought conditions (lack of precipitation) on pasture forage available for the cattle to graze, rather than nitrate concerns. Nitrate level concerns are a part of drought concerns, but they are more related to water sources, such as water holes not being recharged by rains and drought stressed forages, such as small grains, among others that have been baled for hay or will be grazed.

Water quality issues during drought, be it nitrate/sulfate accumulation or blue green algae blooms would require fencing off the contaminated water source and either hauling fresh water, drilling a well or piping water, or moving the whole herd to a new pasture with fresh, clean water.

Thanks to Yolanda Schmidt, NDSU Extension Agent, for this clarification.



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