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Omdahl: Remedial Courses Waste Resources

May 13, 2016 Around one-fourth of the students appearing on campuses aren’t ready for college-level work and require enrollment in no-credit remedial courses, resulting in a number of consequences. . more »»

Let’s Cook: Especially for Mother's Day

May 6, 2016 Gratitude is the word to describe my fortune in being blessed with a caring mother. more »»

The Good Ol' Days: A Special Day

May 6, 2016 My mother, Ellen, would have turned 100 a few weeks ag. more »»

Omdahl: Long Term Care Funding in Crisis

May 6, 2016 Compared to the number of elderly in other states, North Dakota is ranked as an old state - and growing older. more »»

Sporadically Sara: Thanks Mom

May 6, 2016 With Mother's Day approaching on Sunday I would like to thank my own Mother for a few things... 1. Thank you for always being there for me. 2. Thank you for always listening to me when I need you. 3. more »»

Schmidt: Flowering Container Garden Workshops to be Held Soon!

May 6, 2016 Flowering Container Garden Workshops to be Held Soon! On Saturday, May 21st the Pierce County NDSU Extension Office will be hosting two flowering Container Garden Workshops at the Rugby Shopko... more »»

Schmidt: Soil Temperatures for Germination

April 29, 2016 The arrival of spring has many farmers and home gardeners itching to get planting, however let’s take a moment to visit about the minimum soil temperatures required for germination of various crops... more »»

Omdahl: Democratic Party In Disarray

April 22, 2016 The Democratic-NPL party in North Dakota is in such bad shape that even Republicans are shedding tears. However, they’re only crocodile tears. more »»

Sporadically Sara: Race to Rugby

April 22, 2016 When it comes to driving I think that I am an okay driver. more »»

The Good Ol' Days: Hot Springs

April 22, 2016 As the wedding season approaches and in honor of newlyweds Ashley & Joel Berg, I’m reminded of marriage ceremonies that I’ve attended. more »»

Schmidt: When to Prune

April 22, 2016 Even though I do my best to offer annual horticulture and tree care workshops, it seems that with the arrival of spring a common question that arises is– when should I prune my (insert common name)... more »»

Let’s Cook: Split Pea and Rye Bread Unite

April 15, 2016 It is amazing how many souls enjoy a noble-baked Easter ham where the skin is overdone, and where it holds a comparison to a veteran brick oven—charred, yet visible shades of pink are expressed. more »»

Schmidt: Annual Tree Care Workshop Set

April 15, 2016 An opportunity for learning about caring for your trees will be April 21st during the 4th Annual Pierce County Spring Tree Care Workshop – formerly called “Nip it in the Bud” Tree Workshop. more »»

Omdahl: Measure 1 Would Shift Farm Policy

April 15, 2016 North Dakota has had a romance with family farming since the Homestead Act of 1862 when the federal government gave 160-acre plots to anyone who would farm them. more »»

Omdahl: Politicians Over-promise and Under-deliver

April 8, 2016 By Lloyd Omdahl Columnist In a recent editorial statement, Rae Ann Kelsch of Mandan reminded political candidates and voters that campaign promises by candidates that they would single-handedly... more »»

Sporadically Sara: Respect Your Elders

April 8, 2016 Last weekend we went out to eat lunch after church, and while waiting our turn for a table we stood patiently with about 25 other people. more »»

The Good Ol' Days: You Be the Judge

April 1, 2016 Like my father, Al, I grew up around politics, politicians, farmers and businessmen. His father, Fingar (F.T. more »»

Omdahl: Committee Declares War on Backpacks

April 1, 2016 "Okay, what now?" barked Old Sievert as he limped into the emergency meeting of the Community Homeland Committee carrying a fifth of cranberry juice.  He claimed cranberry juice was good for his gout. more »»

Mygland Joins Pierce County Extension Office

April 1, 2016 In case you haven’t heard, I wanted to take a moment to let you know that you will be greeted by a new voice and face when calling or visiting the Pierce County Extension office! After a long... more »»



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