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A Broiler Kebabs Meal

August 8, 2020 Lloyd Groff Copeman is credited with inventing the electric stove over 100 years ago. He founded Copeman Electric Stove in 1912. more »»

How Much Do Lives Matter?

August 8, 2020 Since the daytime murder of a black person by a renegade cop in Minneapolis, society has been arguing over the flag slogan of the African-American community, “Black Lives Matter”. more »»

Inspire Your Menus With Fresh Basil

August 8, 2020 I plucked some basil sprigs from our herb garden and I removed the flowering parts. I knew I should pick leaves fairly often to keep the plant productive. I also knew not to pick the plant bare. more »»

Dakota Gardener: Beware of the Garden Glutton

August 8, 2020 Parents of teenagers often say, “My kids are eating me out of house and home. I can’t believe how much they eat.” Just be glad you are not feeding a hornwor. more »»

Debunking hot peppers myths

August 1, 2020 Enjoy the spicy heat hot peppers add to your meals without concern for the many myths surrounding these garden vegetables. Here are a few you may have heard but are not true. more »»

Heart of America Library News

August 1, 2020 The U.S. Census Bureau will be at the Heart of America Library on Wednesday, Aug. 5 from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. to answer questions or assist people with doing their census report. more »»

Pastor’s CORNER: How to say goodbye well

August 1, 2020 Endings are a part of life. We say goodbye to people, places, pets, items of significance, and jobs. more »»

Road trip and appreciating America

August 1, 2020 My wife and I are not big travelers. We admit we are basically “homebodies.” But recently we took a quick 600-mile trip down to northwest Iowa to help with some family business. more »»

PRAIRIE FARE: Inspire your menus with fresh season vegetables

August 1, 2020 “I’ll have the garlic mashed potatoes and green beans as my two sides,” my younger daughter said. We were celebrating her birthday. We were in a sit-down restaurant for the first time in months. more »»

ND Legislature trying to block amendment measures

August 1, 2020 Once again the North Dakota Legislature is trying to obstruct constitutional amendments proposed by petition of the people. more »»

Heart Of America Library News 7-25

July 25, 2020 A big “Thank You” to all that stopped at our Book Sale held during Crazy Days. It was a last minute decision, and turned out to be a good day…lots of books found new homes. more »»

Attic cleaning, letter reading, and other pursuits

July 25, 2020 There is a significant link between family treasures and memories. But the key to enjoying these treasures is in the way they elevate your feeling. more »»

More reform proposed for higher ed

July 25, 2020 North Dakota voters will once again be deciding whether or not the Board of Higher Education should be revamped to solve unidentified problems seen by the Legislature. more »»

Prairie Fare: Try these 5 questions for ice cream month

July 25, 2020 I barely recognized my daughter at first when I walked into the store. She was wearing a face mask and plastic gloves. Her hair was pulled into a high ponytail. However, I recognized her eyes. more »»

PASTOR’S CORNER: Are you feeling anxious?

July 25, 2020 Some of the most comforting words of Jesus are found in the sixth chapter of Matthew when He said, “Do not worry about tomorrow ... more »»

DAKOTA GARDENER: The right way to water your lawn

July 25, 2020 Can you enjoy a green lawn in summer without an expensive water bill? This is a hot topic across much of North Dakota today. Let’s discuss how you can make every drop of water count. more »»

Support native bees, enjoy the many benefits

July 25, 2020 Pollinators are responsible for about 75% of the food we eat. The European honeybee is the most well known but our native bees are also critically important. more »»

Summer on a budget

July 18, 2020 Most of us are experiencing a very different summer. The out of state trips, kid’s summer activities, and family gatherings we have been looking forward to maybe canceled. more »»

DAKOTA GARDENER: Go out, observe your trees

July 18, 2020 The sky is blue. And tree leaves are green. Any other statements of the obvious that I should make? My brother likes to say that I have “a keen eye for the obvious.” It’s a family trait. more »»

Doctors, nurses should call in sick

July 18, 2020 This exploitation of doctors and nurses in this coronavirus pandemic has gone far enough. more »»



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